Women in New Media
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Edited by Judy Malloy

Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2003 (Leonardo Series)

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  • Pat Bentson: Foreword: The Leonardo Women, Art, and Technology Project
  • Judy Malloy: Preface and Introduction: At the Intersection of Art and Technology in a Time of Transformation

Artists' Papers

Concluding Essays
  • 32. Jaishree K. Odin: Embodiment and Narrative Performance

  • 33. Simone Osthoff: Women and Media Arts in Brazil

  • 34. Martha Burkle Bonecchi: Technology has Forgotten Them: Third World Women and New Information Technologies

  • 35. Carol Stakenas: Crossing the Threshold: Examining the Public Space of the Web Through Day Without Art Web Action

  • 36. Zoe Sofia: Contested Zones: Futurity and Technological Art

Reviews of Women, Art & Technology

"...A rich source of information about the women and works that have made media arts history -- or should."
Dene Grigar, American Book Review

"...many of the artists' papers gathered here stand as frank, revealing, and inspiring expositions of their work, and Judy Malloy is to be congratulated on an important compilation of materials from a most important field..."
- Sadie Plant, Tekka

"This is a phenomenally important volume." - Judith Hoffberg, Umbrella

"Judy Malloy's anthology Women, Art and Technology is a rare and welcome book. It is a collection of insiders' histories of a world that was only briefly glimpsed and that for the most part remained unrecorded. In the field of new media where obsolescence is the norm, the arrival of this exploration of the continuity of artistic vision and political concerns that have driven women's aesthetic experimentation with technology over the last few decades is a real gift..."
-- Carolyn Guertin, TrAce

"...The writings themselves serve to illustrate the breakdown of the barriers between art and technology by their presentation as a combination of technical report writing, artistic sensibility, and visual documentation. I came away from this book with a long list of further reading and websites to visit and a greater understanding of not only the role of the feminine in techno/art but of techno/art itself."
- - Jayne Fenton Keane, English Studies Forum

"....Perhaps most fascinating are the book's multifaceted observations about the symbiotic relationship of media such as modern dance, sound, video, and computer programming...."
- Geary Yelton, Electronic Musician