An Early Ubicomp Era kitchen.............

Influenced by the ubiquitous computing research (the creation of an environment where many invisible-to-the-user computers are available) being undertaken in Computer Science Lab at Xerox PARC, Brown House Kitchen, an exploratory narrative on LambdMOO, was conceived of a future communal eating space where interrelated devices integral to its functioning would record events in various ways. In Rashoman fashion, these devices are capable of relating the details of things that occurred in a previous November in separate but related ways.

The participant who enters this environment reads:

An Early Ubicomp Era kitchen
The sun, coming through white lace curtains that frame a small irregularly watered yard, falls invitingly on a round oak table, surrounded by chairs. In the Northeast corner, an old man sits in a bluegreen rocking chair, reading a newspaper. He looks like your grandfather. To your left, you see what appears to be a sculpture of a kitchen drawer mounted on a pedestal. Near the Northwest wall, there is a kitchen sink, decorated with blue tiles. An orange cat stands on the edge of the sink, drinking water from a slow faucet drip.